Choosing the best small business to start


What business should I start? It is not always easy questions to answer. If starting your own business is something you’ve been thinking about for some time, then you’ve probably toyed with many different business ideas.

There are many different types of companies as there are personalities people running them. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to start your own business then this checklist can help you narrow down your choices.

When trying to think of the best business to start, the first thing you should do is to carry out its own stock. We all perform better on tasks that we are good at, or that we have a natural ability

So ask yourself ;.

  • what you’re good at?
  • What experiences have you had at work, school or through sport?
  • what are your likes and dislikes?
  • what are your personality?
  • do you want to work in a team or on your own?
  • what are the natural skills and abilities?

Implementation of self will not necessarily provide you with a perfect business to start, but it should be noted the company will not be ideal for you. Then work through the following list and apply these questions to some of the business ideas that you might be considering.

Market Your

  • who will buy your product or service?
  • how much they will pay for it?
  • what advantages will the product / service offer over the competition -? Former why should customers choose you
  • industry to new business is – it is a growing industry, or is it on the decline
  • you have industry contacts?
  • if not, how difficult it will be to enter this industry are unknown – with competitive Industrie, s such as fashion, you may find it very difficult to enter markets that unknown
  • if you do not know the answers to these questions, you know where to find them? You should never launch a product or service without researching your market.

Products / Services

  • , you will be to produce goods or provide services?
  • Have you thought about distribution methods?
  • know what methods are most cost effective?
  • how you will get your product or service to your customers?


  • you operate your business from home or rent a home?
  • if you plan to rent or lease can easily accommodate more employees, inventory and customers as your business grows?
  • you have parking? Is is available?
  • can considerations set out clothes, without too much investment from you?


  • they will be?
  • is the minimum purchase amount?
  • what is the turnaround?
  • , they are reliable -? Can they provide consistent and reliable service
  • make their costs allows you to make?


  • you must use specialized equipment?
  • what it costs to service or repair this equipment?
  • spare parts available?
  • if beat declining industry how available will this equipment and / or spare parts in the future?
  • the specific skills needed to operate this device?
  • you rent or buy equipment?


  • how many employees will need?
  • they need special skills or training?
  • know the hidden costs of hiring staff?


  • how much money you need to buy supplies and equipment, and to see you through creating a stage set up your business as well as the first three months of business?
  • if you need to borrow, you know where to go and what lenders will require from you?

As you can see there is a lot to consider when starting your own business. The above is by no means an exhaustive list. I’ve put it together to give you a presentation on the areas that you need to consider when deciding which is the best small business to start.


ACA and the Small Business


By now, most have heard about the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress a while back. Despite pending their arrival, many people still have questions about how this will affect their businesses and their employees. We thought we’d take a minute to outline some of the higher points in this legislation and what it will look like for our customers

There are 4 main ACA principles of small business :.

First, the creation of insurance exchanges. These exchanges will help individuals and small businesses compare and buy health insurance plans. While these exchanges are set up to help with the choice of coverage, companies will still have the option to purchase insurance through the market outside the exchange. States are required to create and make unique their exchanges free of 2014. Ultimately, these exchanges planned to help 2.6 million small business employees ensure affordable health insurance

Second :. Tax Credits. Small businesses with fewer than 25 full-time employees can apply for assistance in the form of tax credits. These tax credits can then be used to offset the cost of health insurance for full-time work. There are two basic requirements for these units: first, the average employee salary will be less than $ 50,000 a year, and secondly, the company must pay at least half of the cost of health care coverage all their time employee. This may be potentially important support for startups and growing businesses in most need of all available working capital

Third :. Grants to wellness programs. Small businesses that may have previously been unable to add such benefits that wellness programs are eligible to receive help from the government. Companies with fewer than 100 employees working 25 or more hours a week can apply for federal grants to help create new wellness program. As with any government assistance, there is a disclaimer: Wellness program may not have been present prior to March 2010. So if a company has always wanted to offer a wellness program benefits to their employees, ACA will help them to start one .

Fourth, penalties for noncompliance. While there is no need for small businesses to provide health insurance, starting in 2014, companies with more than 50 employees will begin to be punished for failing to offer affordable health insurance. Again, companies with 50 or fewer employees will be exempt, while those with more than 50 employees will be fined $ 2,000 per employee per average 30 or more hours a week do not offer coverage (note, this does not include the first 30 employees). Ultimately, these sanctions sure to serve as an incentive for all small businesses to offer this important but expensive benefit for their employees.

While the actual legislation itself is thousands of pages long, this is the highlight, and “what does it mean to me?” For small businesses. There is much more documentation available on . Hope this helps.


Small Business Ideas for 2015!


I am glad to be able to write an article for out there who want to start a business but do not know what to do, where to start. Well I have good news, I’ve put together a little help for the people who

– Want to work from home to support their families

– Want to take care of their newborn children and still be able to earn a living

– Want to make it big, but start with small steps

– are dreamers with big ideas

– Love challenge

– are inspired by great things and must start side

– Would love to be a part of something bigger

-. Need some tips to take them into the business

If you would like to do is covered by any of the above descriptions, you should continue reading this article

Starting business is not an easy task and can involve a lot of hard work and dedication, long and gut it

here are some business ideas to help you :.

Freelance Photographer

Choosing a career behind glass lens involves a lot of time on your feet, travel sites and work with people. Photographers work begins on their functions and events and continue after the event when the photographer needs to edit his photographs to show customers their requirements

Photographers are usually able to shoot the following :.

– Wedding

– Engagement parties

– School dances

– Corporate photography (Product photography, corporate parties, meetings, product launches, etc.)

– Maternity photography

– Dances

– Construction photography

– Event photography

– News paper reporting photography

– Model photography

– Nude photography

– Family photography

Just to name a few

The ability of the photographer to be should have, the passion to work with people, patience, understanding, creativity and dedication. . A love of art is usually good to have.

Mobile DJ

Mobile DJ is a growing market in entertainment and offer audio equipment and mobile entertainment. A mobile DJ setup usually his or her own equipment, play music, help with reporting and take down their equipment by Hist function. Attributes of a mobile Dj are patience, creativity, the ability to stand on your feet for hours, dedication, reliability and the ability to deal with difficult customers. Love for music that does not taste is always a great feature to have.

A mobile DJ will usually need to have their own sound equipment of his prisoners, speakers, speaker stands, microphone (wireless or wired) laptop, CD player, amplifier, mixer, power cables to name just a few. Do a bit of research in advance is a great idea.

Satellite TV Installer

A quick course, a good sturdy van and the right tools will put you on the path to become a satellite office in no time. Competition is tight but a lot of installers

not advertise. Brand of Van, website, business cards and flyers are easy ways to get the word around.

Garden Maintenance Service

There is an ever increasing need for garden maintenance services in and around the area in the upmarket and middle class area. You will need a van, gardening equipment, personnel to assist (you can always start by having one employee and increase as you go along).

Window Washing Service

There are a lot of small and large companies that need people to think about the amazing windows. As glass is a beautiful way to improve the view for office space, more and more companies use glass. You need harnesses, cleaners, several employees, van and go get attitude.

Mobile Food Delivery Service

If you can get your hands on delivery of the vehicle and ensure agreement with local shops in the area, you can be well on your way to offer amazing customer service and their customers. It is an amazing idea that can spread over a large number of the area easily. Hybrid car is also free advertising.

Cellphone Case Store

Ask a local mall if you can have space for your to open a little cellphone cover and accessories store on weekends. You can offer a number of products for the most popular makes and models and even offer advice and advertising inventories.

Car Wash Service

Why not have a car wash with a twist? Go to the customer premises and wash their cars in the comfort of their offices. To start off, you need cleaning equipment and vehicles. Offer office block free try so that they can evaluate the service before you offer a weekly service. Additional dose turn and washing machine and leave the candy in their cars after each addition.

The world needs new ideas, but also needs a new variant of the current idea is to work.

I hope these tips will help you with any venture may participate.

Jermaine Sky