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Small Business: The 5 Major Problems in the growth


Planning for growth is key to business development. Dealing with growth is an important issue for all developing companies. Successful business development depends on profitable growth.

The problem in the growth of small or start-ups can not be solved in isolation because they are interrelated. Companies that grow without considering key areas will eventually run into problems. This will result in crisis management which hindered the development of the company.

5 major problem areas

1. Lack of resources.

2. Management problems.

3. Insufficient system.

4. Improper marketing.

5. Lack of planning for the future

lack of resources

The financing is one of the main reasons for the failure of small business ventures. Lack of funding is a major problem for small businesses. Small businesses usually have four possible sources of funds are:

1. Goodwill profit.

2. overdraft and loan financing.

3. Equity additional funding.

4. Corporate Venturing

Cash is the key resource because, as well as being profitable, companies will be generating live

Board issues : ..

Every growing company must undertake process management development to ensure that the agency has the appropriate management that will meet present and future needs her. Management problems in terms of lack of quality, experience and depth of management, has always been one of the main reasons for business failure

The following areas shall examine :.

1. Development of the current management.

2. Additions to the current management.

3 complementary relationship with external consultants

Insufficient system :.

Small businesses especially in the beginning of operations are characterized by a number of informal systems that rely on the direct participation of management. Control systems are set up to provide information to management. Information necessary to control until you have control you can not increase productivity. The main areas where adequate current control system shall be examined include:

1. The financial system.

2. Production system.

3. Marketing system.

Inappropriate marketing

marketing problems are one of the main reasons for failure Business Start-ups. Before a company enters the boom there has to be a re-examination of the marketing approach. Marketing strategy will change as the company grows.

Lack of planning on

The crucial step in achieving success is proper planning for the future. But the total lack of planning or inadequate planning is a big problem of small business. This means that there is no systematic analysis research company, the environment and offer it in determining the way ahead.


A proper analysis of these key areas and adequate planning combined with proper management leads to ensure success and growth.


Small Business Problems


Small businesses are constantly faced with problems before they can claim success. However, the difference between a well-run company and one that is not how they handle their problems. They can often be faced with financial problems. Since the company has its good and challenging months you might be swamped with bills already difficult months come. There are wages, rent, etc. to pay and you do not know where to get the money. It is therefore advisable to always have an emergency account that can cushion you through the tough months.

Incompetent workers are another problem faced by small businesses. Compared with larger companies, small businesses with a high turnover of staff. It is always a real challenge for business owners to get a reliable and trustworthy employees. You may have employees available to customers for certain products or services for their own selfish gain. Unfortunately, it is you who will eventually “look bad.”

Customers can also be a source of problems for small businesses. This is because sometimes you might have a problem in the house as office equipment lets you down and you can not give your clients the services they need. Many customers get easily irritated and may think you can not actually run your business. They may even ask for their money back.

You can also deal with problems if your suppliers do not deliver on time or as stated on. This can be very frustrating and nerve racking especially if it is a series that is being waited. The family can also be part of the problem, especially if they are not willing to understand why you work so hard or late. They may start to feel that they are secondary in your life. It is even difficult to go on vacation because you are constantly “on call”. You should be ready to sacrifice if you want to succeed in your business.


Starting a small business – Do’s and Don’ts


for interested entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting and running a small business, I admire the independent spirit. As you know, any business venture is entrusted with some risk of dependency. You depend on your family’s emotional and perhaps financial support. You depend on the legal and financial advisors.

minimize risks could reduce involuntary dependency case. I would like to offer some helpful tips:

  • Do not confuse enthusiasm with passion – The interest comes and goes. True passion but the key to success. The idea of ​​having your own business is so exciting that it’s easy to mistake interest for passion.
  • The body not your competitor’s strategy – Identify own implies and advantage on it.
  • Prepare business . A cookie recipe tells you how much of certain ingredients to be measured and how to collect them. Likewise, the business will tell you, your investors, financial lenders how you are going to manage your business.
  • Know the size of the market and customer . As valuable as the Internet is to provide useful information, I would not rely on it as the sole source for customers.
  • not spend a lot of money on one of marketing program until you see the results.
  • Connect with your customer and enhance that relationship.

  • Do not sell products or services product, while emphasizing their impact . For example, customers cookie lovers who can not afford the extra calories or require special diets. How can homemade cookies solve this problem for your customers?
  • not price their goods or services just to cover cost plus a mark-up for profit. Instead, to them value to customers .
  • commit not large stock where small business is constantly growing. Large files may adversely affect your cash is the lifeblood of any business.

Do you know what the # 1 reason for small business failure?


10 Small-Business Start-Up Mistakes To Avoid



What are some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting out? Here is a list of the ten most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when starting their business. While mistakes made can be our greatest teacher, they can be time consuming and expensive. So here I want to share with you my hard-earned experience and insights I gained from my own lapses in judgment.

1. Without Starting a business

If you are serious about making your new business a success, you must have a written plan. It can be as simple as a single page to get started. Write it will force you to think about how you plan to make your business come to life and also be profitable. Force you to honestly answer such questions as “Who will my customers be”; “Why will they buy from me?”; “How much will I charge for my products and services?”; “How will I get the word out about my new company?”. Be realistic about the cost of running your business. The business will operate as changing the continuous improvement guide for you to follow.

2. Having No management experience

As the founder of a small business, you will be responsible for all aspects of management – finance, marketing, sales, employee relations, dealing with subcontractors and bathroom cleaning, etc. But if you are starting your business because you are super special skills or services, and want to devote all your time and energy to do this, perhaps a family member or spouse can handle most Board of Directors. This person has to share the vision and goals for the company.

3. Sign Help Too Soon

not hire workers until it is absolutely necessary. The cost of hiring help can financially drowning small business very quickly. When you do hire someone, make sure they are diligent and honest. Only hire people that you really need, which will have a positive impact on your business. The home-based in a small business, we try to use subcontractors as much as possible.

4. Hiring Professional Help

Do not skimp on hiring professional advisers as an accountant and a lawyer. Interview several and find a consultant who you feel comfortable talking to. They understand what you are trying to achieve? They are quick to share their experiences and knowledge with you? These experts can save you many headaches and a lot of money.

5. Do not use Cash-GAAP

Under the “cash method”, signing business income when it is received in your bank account. And you pick up the cost when it is paid out of your bank account. Most of us use this cash method of our personal finances because it is much simpler and less time consuming. This is also an ideal method for small and home-based business. Under the “accrual method”, you take business income when it is earned, regardless of when you can get paid for the product or service you sold. And you pick up the costs already incurred, regardless of when you will get around to writing a check to pay for it. The accrual method is too difficult to keep up with the small and home-based business.

6. Do not keep track of your money

You must track your income and expenses each month so that you know where your money is going. You can do this yourself with an inexpensive accounting software, or simply download a monthly statement from your bank and credit cards. Cash flow is the life-blood of a small fledgling company.

7. Not making enough Market Research

This is a very common problem with start-up companies. Market research can take many months and a lot of research to do right. You must know who your competition is, and your customers will be. You must understand all aspects of your industry – inside and out. Read all the books and articles that you can find the specific type of business. Talk to others who are in the industry.

8. Do not make the right Marketing

Every business must have an online presence. It does not matter what business you are in, you have to be online. It is now possible to make extensive and sophisticated marketing for no cost – free. Whether it is a simple website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or online telephone book listing, you will be online.

9. Spend too much too soon

If you are on a tight budget, do not start by spending thousands of business cards and stationery. Do not spend thousands to pay a company to build your website when you can very quickly build a great website on your own. Continue to use these older computer until you have the cash flow and actually need a new computer. Before very large purchases, like a new truck or machine, get advice from your accountant.

10. Giving Up Too Soon

big part of being an entrepreneur is to have stamina, drive, and determination. Do not give up your dream because of a few bumps in the road is an important part of entrepreneurship. Develop intestinal fortitude to weather tough times is necessary if you want to achieve any kind of success. Do not believe anyone who tells you to start and manage a business is easy or simple. It also takes time, effort, faith and vision.


Small Business Television Shows


business shows on television have grown more popular in recent years. This could be due to the increase in the number of small businesses. Before this growth business shows were only concerned about corporate America and Wall Street. However, small businesses increased. The following is a list of shows that have dealt with small business.

Small Business 2000 Small Business 2000 shows on PBS interview successful entrepreneurs. It emphasizes how these best practices can be used for entrepreneurs who are watching. It also had some recurring items such as marketing of Jeff Slutsky. It was a good show to be a decade before the growth of other shows small businesses.

The Apprentice. The return of Donald Trump’s public consciousness had a strong hand in small business in the first season of the show. After the first period, all subsequent seasons, because the huge success of the exhibition, where the corporate tax focus, except when they had to deal with franchises. Still, it was good to hear from as many participants were entrepreneurs themselves and some quite managed it. Their views came through and many business schools used the exhibition for case studies and discussions.

We Mean Business. We Mean Business played a winner from the first time in Apprentice- Bill Rancic. The show helped independent small business turned a designer make-over (which means that the business was retail business) and new computer systems (Dell was a show sponsor). Bill then helped with operational and marketing support. After the designer make-over and new computers were installed company reopened with a new grand opening.

Shark Tank. The Shark Tank is the latest show. The show has a number of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to establish a committee for venture capitalists. These entrepreneurs then try to get investors to invest in their business or their business startup. The exhibition is an excellent description of the difficult questions savvy investors ask plus what they are looking for. It also often serves as a reality check for business owners who may be too emotionally tied to their businesses.

These shows are good examples of general principals companies. There are and have been other shows on the air that explore specific company. It was King Cars which focused on car sales in Las Vegas. Flip this house is about ups and downs of the house flipping real estate business. These are just examples, and surely more will come. Nevertheless, it is good to see more performances of small business as the number of entrepreneurs is growing.


Small Business – Ten feature All Small Business Owners Must succeed


Winning the Small Business is as hard as running competition in the Olympic Games, in fact I think better, but the interesting fact is that the characteristics for success in small business are the same athletes use to achieve success in any sport. Essentially ten characteristics of small business owners will have to succeed are the same, we all have if we always think that we will achieve something in our lives

Trait 1 :. Know the purpose of

The first feature of all small business owners need to know their purpose. First and foremost, what is it you want? What do youu want to achieve? Once you know what purpose is this will be a force and the motive behind you is to take a trip

Trait 2 :. Have a desire to succeed

How many do you want to win the Lotto? Probably much … Did you know that most people who win the lotto actually spend every cent of it in the first 12 months? Why, because they have not had the desire to use this money to succeed. To be truly successful you must have the desire to want it so bad that you will do everything to achieve your goals

Trait 3: Have faith that you can achieve what you want

just like an athlete, you must have faith that you can and will achieve your goal. If you do not believe that you can succeed in your business, then you will simply give up when things get tough and let me assure you that a 10-year veteran of the small business, that at some point will get tough and you will Skating along the edges of losing everything. You can even fall over the cliff, but you must have faith in climbing up the rock and continue on your journey

Trait. 4: Have a clear Plan

Without a plan, you will simply be a lost animal in the desert. Let me ask you this, do not you go on vacation without a plan of what you want to do and where you want to go? Absolutely not, because you would simply be lost and would probably see and do nothing. It amazes me though how many small business owners to plan their vacations more precisely than they believe their small business. Remember the old cliche, “If you fail to plan, organize yourself to fail”

Trait 5: Have knowledge

If you do not have the expertise to enact your plans, then you are in trouble before you start. You will have the knowledge to plan you are implementing will really give you the desired results. If you do not, then how can you move forward

Trait 6 :. Be Prepared to cooperate

Small business is not like any other business you can gain. In small business you simply do not have the resources or the money to hire a plethora of staff or consultants so it is important that you learn to work with others to help you in your desire to succeed. You need to work with other small business owners, clients, friends and family and also band mastermind business consultancy in your way to success

Trait 7 :. Contact Will Power To Go On

Without much power you can not succeed in a small business because you are the boss and there is no driving factor behind you. If you do not have the will power to continue even in the midst of adversity, then your business is doomed because the bottom line is this, a small business is tough. Things go wrong when you get knocked down, you have to pick yourself up and keep going. You have to keep going to the office every day, even if all seems lost.

One of the books that I believe my Bible to succeed is called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In the first chapter he tells the story in the first secret of his 13 in the path to success uncle named RU Darby who went to Colorado to dig for gold. After investing a lot of money, a gold mine of his was up and running. After a time the gold was no longer found in the mine and a lot of drilling, he just gave up. In the end, he sold the equipment for my Junk Man. The Junk Man be shrewd operator hired an engineer to find gold and eventually turns out to RU Darby was just 3 feet short of where one of the largest gold deposits were found in Colorado. In fact, mine is one of the richest mines in Colorado

What this shows, however, that you will never give up, because you may be only 3 feet from the success of

Trait 8 .. Being stuck in all you have to do

Get in the habit of doing daily tasks on a daily basis is one of the most important success factors and is the basis of the tenth feature, perseverance. When people get out of the habit of doing certain things is when a small business goes wrong, like getting the books done weekly, answer the phone within three rings, get quotes out within 24 hours of the request, these are all habits that you must stand and to be fixed will lead you to success

Trait 9 :. maintain the quality of

maintain the quality of the company is paramount. Quality covers every aspect of your business from the way you answer the phone to the way you present your products and services to customers. If you do not maintain the quality of your business it is to know the way to your customers and staff will be with you

Trait 10 :. Be 100% Persistent

The Trait 7 I talked about how RU Darby was just 3 feet from managed to find one of the largest gold deposits in Colorado, but simply was not persistent enough to continue.

All ten qualities lead to one, to be persistent and fight even when success is only a small spark of light a million miles away. You will be surprised how quickly success will sneak up on you when you stick with the game plan and keep persistence.

Let me take a moment to simply refresh the mind of the ten characteristics of all small business owners will have to succeed

1. Know the purpose of

2. Have desire to succeed

3. Have faith that you can achieve what you want

4. Have a clear plan

5. Have knowledge

6. Be prepared to co

7. Have the will-power to go to

8. Be constant in all you have to do

9. Maintain Quality

10. Vera 100% Persistent


Small Business – How to survive and strengthen the Small Business in a Recession



How is your small business to influence the current recession?

I find a wide variety of answers to that question. Some owners are still doing quite well, while others are just barely survive. It generally depends on the type of business you have and how well prepared you were when it began to slow down.

It was inevitable when you think about it. Extremes created by the Federal Reserve caused the housing bubble and poor practices of credit across the board. Whenever you have in excess, you can expect the downturn to follow.

Are we in a recession or a one and how you live?

Pay attention to your cash flow. Cash flow will determine whether you can keep the doors open. Put together a realistic cash flow statement forecast for at least six weeks in advance. Check to see how big cash reserve is.

Pay attention to accounts receivable. In bad times customers will be prone to hold their money and may be able to pay you. It is cheaper for them to use money than to borrow from the bank. Be assertive with your customers. Let them know that you expect to get paid, just as they do. Remember, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Cut out the fat you have in your business. You can consider reducing the work week for some your employees instead of laying them off. Employees would rather work a shorter week than not working at all. Remind them that you have to do what is necessary for the survival of your business and work.

How can you strengthen your small business in this recession?

Take a good look at your business. Does it promote life or running your life? Now is a good time to improve your business skills. What kind of system you have in place? Is the company dependent on you? Do you have a clear vision for your business and it is the vision fulfilled?

You may want to make an independent assessment of the business to see where the weak spots are and then learn how to strengthen them. Take the attitude that only good will come from this slowdown, and then make it a good strong company.


Small Business – 7-Item Checklist Beginner


I am often asked what are the most common things that people forget to take into account when they are considering opening a small business.

It’s scary, is not it? Do not be afraid. Go through this checklist and you’ll be fine.

1. What does the income will be small business hiring? Will you do affiliate marketing on the internet, sales offline community, both or you’ve got something else in mind? Who else is doing it?

2. How good demand for small business ideas? If it is poor, you can market to find or create that would need this product or service in large enough quantities to make a good profit?

3. Whether there is a lot of demand or not, how good is the competition? A lot of activity is not necessarily the market is “saturated”. Many markets are filled with garbage. A good, honest site that the bear can quickly rise to the top and kill.

4. You need to register if you have to open a small business. If you go online, you can not just hang a sign above the door. Will you mostly use SEO’d articles, Pay Per Click (risky if you are a newbie), PPL (also tough on the wallet A Newbie), organic traffic or anything else to promote your new business?

5. How do you plan to collect money from your customers safely and protect yourself at the same time from all predators on the web?

6. Whatever decisions are, they are based on some get rich quick scheme? If they are, review all your decisions. There is no get rich quick online, but there is plenty of get rich after some slow, diligent work: -)

7. Last, but not least: What is your passion? The Internet allows you to start a website on what you love. You do not have to worry about the local market as traditional brick and mortar business.

Can you see how these simple things can start your business off on the basis of concrete and steel? Take your time with small business ideas, make enough of reading, doing a lot of searching and surfing. See How Top 10 pages of any search you’re doing it.

If they are in the top 10, they have what you want. That’s how they got there. You can not buy Google or other search engine rankings.

“If you do not have a life, what’s the point?”

– Nori Evoy (Highly Effective Web Business Person)


Technology – Why Every Small Business Needs It


Small businesses get so caught up in the fast paced business community today, we forget to look into the expansion of the business with technology. The technology revolution is changing the way we do business and live more than Industrial Revolution did for them at this time. Accounting software such as Quick Books has explained much simpler and more efficient. Voice over IP communications can save a lot of money for local and long distance calls and reduce telecom expenses. Customer relationship management software can improve the customer experience by reducing errors devices, simplifying the process for you and your customers, increase collaboration between employees, and keep the customer happy for repeat business. Microsoft provides cheap affordable solutions, and for more unique and complex solutions look to Oracle.

Network are becoming much for all businesses to be competitive. If you are suffering from issues such as slow loading time of websites and software, this is costing you time and time is money. You need to upgrade broadband or T1 connection, to have faster load times and be able to get wireless solutions, VoIP, and videoconferencing. If you are not already looking for mobile solutions, you need to. They are very cheap and provide you with a mobility that can not be calculated in profitability, but it will greatly reduce your time spent traveling back and forth to the office if you set up an effective wireless solution with VPN. Wireless and wired allow all computers on the network to share one printer, share files with each other, and communicate more effectively.

Servers are next on the to do list. A Key Server is a centralized storage unit for all the machines on your network. This can be used to store all the files in one common location, allows easy access by all users, or hosting email applications such as Microsoft Exchange. This allows the company to communicate with each other and others through Microsoft Outlook client. Outlook is very simple and straightforward form of customer relationship management software, so much mail.

There are thousands of technology solutions available to greatly enhance any small business and helping to sustainable growth. If you’re not a technical expert, I would recommend contacting an IT consultant or talk to the IT department of the solutions that could directly benefit you. Every business is different, and I’m not a believer in one size fits all. You need a custom tailored solution in order for it to be effective, and increase your profitability.


Choosing the best small business to start


What business should I start? It is not always easy questions to answer. If starting your own business is something you’ve been thinking about for some time, then you’ve probably toyed with many different business ideas.

There are many different types of companies as there are personalities people running them. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to start your own business then this checklist can help you narrow down your choices.

When trying to think of the best business to start, the first thing you should do is to carry out its own stock. We all perform better on tasks that we are good at, or that we have a natural ability

So ask yourself ;.

  • what you’re good at?
  • What experiences have you had at work, school or through sport?
  • what are your likes and dislikes?
  • what are your personality?
  • do you want to work in a team or on your own?
  • what are the natural skills and abilities?

Implementation of self will not necessarily provide you with a perfect business to start, but it should be noted the company will not be ideal for you. Then work through the following list and apply these questions to some of the business ideas that you might be considering.

Market Your

  • who will buy your product or service?
  • how much they will pay for it?
  • what advantages will the product / service offer over the competition -? Former why should customers choose you
  • industry to new business is – it is a growing industry, or is it on the decline
  • you have industry contacts?
  • if not, how difficult it will be to enter this industry are unknown – with competitive Industrie, s such as fashion, you may find it very difficult to enter markets that unknown
  • if you do not know the answers to these questions, you know where to find them? You should never launch a product or service without researching your market.

Products / Services

  • , you will be to produce goods or provide services?
  • Have you thought about distribution methods?
  • know what methods are most cost effective?
  • how you will get your product or service to your customers?


  • you operate your business from home or rent a home?
  • if you plan to rent or lease can easily accommodate more employees, inventory and customers as your business grows?
  • you have parking? Is is available?
  • can considerations set out clothes, without too much investment from you?


  • they will be?
  • is the minimum purchase amount?
  • what is the turnaround?
  • , they are reliable -? Can they provide consistent and reliable service
  • make their costs allows you to make?


  • you must use specialized equipment?
  • what it costs to service or repair this equipment?
  • spare parts available?
  • if beat declining industry how available will this equipment and / or spare parts in the future?
  • the specific skills needed to operate this device?
  • you rent or buy equipment?


  • how many employees will need?
  • they need special skills or training?
  • know the hidden costs of hiring staff?


  • how much money you need to buy supplies and equipment, and to see you through creating a stage set up your business as well as the first three months of business?
  • if you need to borrow, you know where to go and what lenders will require from you?

As you can see there is a lot to consider when starting your own business. The above is by no means an exhaustive list. I’ve put it together to give you a presentation on the areas that you need to consider when deciding which is the best small business to start.