800 numbers for Small Business


Every small business owner is constantly looking for ways to help build their business. Anything that increases sales or gets customers in the door is at the top of their priority list, especially when the cost is relatively low. Any small business that is looking to grow to look into getting an 800 number. There are many reasons for the 800 number is a great investment for small businesses.

800 numbers are an invitation to call. Statistics show that customers are more likely to pick up the phone and call the company if there is a toll-free line, but if they have to pay long distance charges. Just having an 800 number available will increase the number of people who contact the company and the sales will follow. The 800 number will open up business nationwide. More of sales volume will come from areas outside your area when the 800 number is available.

800 number indicates that the company is bigger than it really is. The general thinking is toll-free lines are expensive and therefore reserved for only large companies. It is possible to change the image of mom and pop business into a more dynamic, larger companies simply to add another phone line. In addition, if you decide to move your business, 1-800 number goes with you. What a great way to ensure you do not lose customers to transition.

800 numbers are relatively cheap. For a very low monthly fee, you can usually add 800 numbers to lines you already have. Often a special ring to it are advised to call the toll-free one. An affordable monthly fee, such as the long distance fees based on incoming calls, is a small price to pay for increased trade, especially in today’s economy.

Finding the right 800 number provider is important. The first place to check is with local and long distance telephone service already provided in your phone. However, you should also check out the prices and terms of companies that specialize in just a toll-free number provided. It can be a big difference in price. Remember to check the price of a monthly fee, as well as long distance charges you must pay each time someone calls the 1-800 number. Prices can be as little as a few pennies per minute to as much as 25 cents per minute.

Select an easy to remember number or create a talk with your company name or word is important that you make. 1-800-Cookies 1-800-USEDCAR is easy to remember and not be confused about what they do. You have to introduce new toll-free number. Makes it easy to remember will help investment in the last review and is just good business.


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